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Church Growth Strategies « Church Growth Guy

When it comes to growing your church there are only four things you do that will affect the size of your worship attendance.

Attraction.  The total potential growth of your church is based on the number of guests who will come into your church in the future.  You can get people to attend your church in many ways.  One of the most often used is invitation.  Having someone from your church invite a friend, a relative, a co?worker to church.  Is  the most used and is the most effective way to get a new person to attend your church.  You can use me as sources, radio, TV, cable advertising, signs, mail-outs.  All these or other ways but you must have some way to get a person who is not associated with your church to know the church is there and be willing to attend.

Assimilation.  For your church to grow you not only have to have guests attend, those guests need to return.  Yet nationally according to Outreach Marketing only 10 percent of first time guests will return to the church and eventually end up being a member of the church one year later.  There is encouragement on this fact.  If you get a person to attend two times then 25 percent will end up joining the church, three times 45 percent will end up joining the church.  I find many churches drop the ball in this one area by having no systems in assimilation.  Just having a system that will contact a guest, make them feel welcome and encourage them to return can radically increase the growth rate of the church.

Attendance frequency.  Most people forget the importance of this issue.  If everyone at your church showed up at one time those that come every six months, every three months, once a month and weekly, what would you have?  Easter.  Easter is large not because of the number of guests who come but of all the people who call your church home come that one Sunday.  If you understand this principle you can plan specil days during the year that are used to draw in all your people on that day and help increase the growth of your church..

Attrition.  Let’s face it.  People will leave your church.  No church has the ability to grow without losing people.  People die.  People move away.  There are transfers and yes people get upset at a church and decide to go somewhere else.  This is okay.  Sometimes it’s great when someone not motivated goes to a church where they become motivated and excited about fulfilling an advance in the kingdom.  However there are things, strategies you can do to make the back door of your church as small as possible.

That’s it.  Those are the four areas.  I’d encourage you to take each of those and look at your church and compare.  Increasing one of those areas can make a difference.  Increasing all four can make a huge increase in the growth of your church.

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  1. Terry Reed Says:

    March 25th, 2011 at 3:02 am

    These four areas are very important. I think many small churches esp, drop the ball on assimilation. You would think they would be all over their new guests but many people have told me that they visited a particular church and never even received a phone call. Thanks for a great article!
    Terry Reed
    Small Church Tools

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